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Where's Wally/Waldo?

Hello. I'm Iyan Ha.
This project is "Where's Wally/Waldo?"

I worked with Studio 2.0 and PartDesigner program. The submitted photos are rendering images.
A total of 2159 parts were used, including all the parts of the minifigures(2) and microfigures (185).

"Where's Wally/Waldo?" is a book by Martin Handford, an English illustrator.
("Wally" is the original name and "Waldo" is the translated name of some countries.)
The books are picture books that search for Wally/Waldo.
Like the book, my project is also a search for Wally/Waldo in many people, many buildings, trees, and many other elements.
And the elements drawn in the book were made into LEGO.
This project included buildings drawn in books, airplanes drawn in books, places drawn in books, and many others.
It is made into a total of six volumes and can be divided into six or combined.

This project also has minifigures for "Wally/Waldo" and his friend "Odlaw". You can see them as minifigures. There are supports to display them. And the books are embodied in their props. 6 books were made with the same design as real books.

"Where is Wally/Waldo?" aims to find Wally/Waldo in a giant picture.
Of course, people and objects are densely drawn so that it is not easy to find.
When I was a child, I saw these picture books that my father bought me with my younger brother all night.
I still have these books.
These books are bestsellers that have been known and sold worldwide.
Since its first release in the UK in 1987, it has been translated into 32 languages around the world and has sold more than 65 million copies.
Maybe everyone in the world knows this book or Wally/Waldo.
Everyone would want this content to be released as LEGO.
Through this project, you can now enjoy the world-class bestseller "Where's Wally/Waldo?" as LEGO.

You can enjoy books and LEGO at once.
It will be more interesting and new than anything else.
If you have "Where's Wally/Waldo?" books in your house, enjoy the LEGO together while looking at them.
It will also be fun to compare the pictures of the book with LEGO.
Find buildings made of LEGO in the book, such as finding Wally/Waldo in the book's picture.

This work can be displayed in 2 main ways.
It is to display six books separately or to display all six books in combination.
In addition, 2 minifigures can be displayed in front of the work, or 6 accessory books made of props can be displayed separately.
When dividing and displaying, the corresponding prop book can be placed next to it.
Minifigures can hold the prop books in their hands and display them.
You can display it in any way.
Divided into 6 pieces, the work represents 6 real books.
The first book is at 10 o'clock.
Book 2 is at 12 o'clock.
Book 3 is at 2 o'clock.
Book 4 is at 8 o'clock.
Book 5 is 6 o'clock.
Book 6 is 4 o'clock.
And each section has a number written on it. (1~6).
You can play the game of finding Wally/Waldo while rotating regardless of the front and back of the work.
This is the same when you put 6 compartments together or separate them.
You can reset the game to find Wally/Waldo and Odlaw at any time.
You can move to Wally/Waldo and Odlaw only, move with some people, or move everyone.
Either way, it's up to you.
You can enjoy it together or alone.
Of course, it's great to just display without playing.
You can do whatever you like.

In some countries, Wally's name(original name) has been translated into another name.
Typically, there is "Waldo".
The name is engraved on the cover of six books made from props and the nameplate of the minifigures support.
You can choose the stickers with the name you want. "Wally" or "Waldo"
And put the stickers of your choice on the cover of six books and nameplate.
You can do whatever you like.

In a world of very small scales (microscale), very small minifigures were used.
The small minifigures(microfigures) included Wally/Waldo and Odlaw, and a total of 185 were used.

List of LEGO Implementations
"Book 1" (theme: travel in the modern era)
ships on the beach / ski resort / rivers and bridges / a camping car / The airport and the orange plane / Striped tents and small buildings

"Book 2" (theme: time travel)
primitive tribes and valleys / Pyramids and Workers / White Colosseum / a Viking ship / Medieval Castle in the Light Nougat / a medieval village house / striped houses/ The Pyramid of the Mayan Civilization /a big sailboat in the sea

"Book 3" (theme: western fantasy)
erupting volcanoes / flying dragon / vampires' castle / sea of mermaids and striped ships / giants and windmills

"Book 4" (theme: Hollywood filming)
a black-and-white set and a train / ancient Troy castle / space movie set and UFO / striped tents in the Middle Ages / a place for movie stars with a sky blue background

"Book 5" (theme: a fairytale)
world of giant fruits / dragons and tall towers / Odlaw swamp / clown town / hat-shaped houses / hat-shaped big balloons / red-striped buildings

"Book 6" (theme: moving pictures)
white and brown hot air balloons and green monsters / pink paradise party and pink building / dinosaurs by the river / pirate ship and sailing ship / a small deserted island

That's all about the "Where's Wally/Waldo?"
Through this project, I hope you enjoy the cute world and find the lovely Wally/Waldo.
Thank you to everyone who watches my work and the LEGO Ideas Team.

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