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Bell Clinic


I work as a doctor and thought it would be fun to make a hospital to teach children about what can be a scary environment and also to enjoy the ultimate playset! The Bell Clinic is designed in a similar manner to other modular buildings and includes a host of features. There is lots of detail and bucket-loads of playability. The set includes 10 mini figures - 4 patients, 2 nurses, 1 receptionist, 1 doctor and 2 theatre practitioners/surgeons. It can also provide a home for all of your other healthcare models like ambulances and helicopters (as illustrated here although these are not included).


On the ground floor a double ambulance bay leads, via sliding doors, to an emergency room and an out-patient department (complete with clinic, treatment room, pharmacy and waiting area). There is also a fully functional lift which allows patients and staff to move between floors.


On the first floor is an operating department (operating theatre, scrub room and coffee room) and a radiology department (x-ray suite and CT scanner with control room). On the second floor is a ward with 5 beds, a bathroom and a physiotherapy gym. On the roof there is a helipad, air conditioning units and communication apparatus.


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