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1974 Lancia Stratos

The Lancia Stratos is a well known rally car that I just had to convert into LEGO form. I hope you like it as much as I do!

About the Model:
This model is 14 studs wide and about 36 studs long. It consists of 1,020 pieces, the most pieces anything I've made digitally has had!
Features of the car include opening doors, of course, and opening front and back hoods, which were difficult to create, especially the back, which has to lift up a few studs before opening. Inside the front hood is a spare wheel, and in the back is the engine, and some (decoration only) suspension.
You can switch out the front headlights with 2x2 curved slope pieces, to mimic the opening and closing lights old sports cars have, and rally lights can also be put on, if you desire to.
The car is lime green with red hubcaps, a color I think looks really cool, and I hope you do too!

About the Car:
The Lancia Stratos (Full name: Lancia Stratos HF [High Fidelity]) is an incredibly successful rally car, which has won the World Rally Championship three years in a row, 1974-1976, the 1974 Targa Florio, the Tour de France Automobile in 1973, 1975, 1979 and 1980, and the Giro d'Italia automobilistico in 1974, 1976 and 1978.
As you might have guessed, it's a great rally car.

How I Made It:
This isn't my first 14 wide LEGO car, but it is my first real car I've made digitally. I think I first was inspired to make another car after I got the LEGO Ford Mustang for Christmas, and since then I've been trying to find a car model that I could actually do. I ended up with the Lancia Stratos.
Probably the most difficult part about making it was the back hood, which had to move up and out before it could open up, so it wouldn't hit the wheels before it could open all the way. I went through many designs before I settled on the one that worked best.
As for color, originally it was white, which I thought was too bland, so I changed it to yellow and added dark blue stripes, which didn't feel quite right so I switched between orange and green stripes as well. None of it really worked, so I searched up pictures of the car to see which color looked best on it. That's when I found a lime green picture of the car that looked amazing. And that was when I knew it was the right color.

Thank you so much for reading my description! (or skipping to the end) Please support if you like it, tell your friends, or post something about it on social media if you really like it and make sure to check out some of my other creations!

Thanks, and happy building!


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