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Zwierzyniecki Bridge in Wroclaw


Time for more changes!

as I promised, it's time for small changes in the bridge :) I would call them a cosmetic change, but it will certainly reflect the character of the original and bring it closer to the prototype. As you noticed in the photos, there is a plaque on the bridge that was originally located on the bridge - the inscription was originally only in German and I created such a plaque. According to the renovation plans carried out by the city of Wrocław, the new plaque that will appear in this place will be bilingual. The inscription on the board reads:
"Wooden I have rested for centuries by the lazy waters
Now I adorn the navigable route of iron and stone. "

See you at 4000! : D


2500 !!! votes is a great time to say thanks :)

You are great! Two months have passed and 1/4 of the goal is behind me :) 2500 votes is a huge number and to thank you for your votes, my workers built 1/4 of the bridge for you :) Stay with me because there are many surprises ahead of you :)



You are great!

The first thousand votes for us and exactly on my birthday :) On this double occasion I would like to show you, as suggested by, among others, @Goldfinger48, a bridge with mounted street lamps. I chose two proposals that I like the most - see which in your opinion are better and which better reflect the original design, and then let me know in the comments.

More bridge improvements ahead so stay tuned :)



Since we are approaching the second hundred of votes cast, I have quite a bit of news for you. In Wrocław, the renovation of the Zwierzyniecki Bridge is currently underway, paint samples from metal elements have been collected to determine what color was on the bridge first! After weeks of research, it turned out that the original color of the bridge was similar to olive, while the balustrades were brown in a shade of chestnut. So I decided to be the first to paint the Zwierzyniecki Bridge before the renovation team overtook me. Evaluate for yourself how it turned out and let me know in the comments which color is better: D


Thank you for the first step towards the goal :)

wow, I did not expect to exceed the threshold of 100 votes so quickly. Thank you all for your votes and comments. In the coming weeks I will try to modify the bridge a bit and put a tram on it to make it look more like the real one. we will also see if it is possible to put the original lighting on the bridge and take a night photo. be with me and keep your thumb so that I can reach 10k :)

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