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Mini Traffic Cone Factory

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What is it?
The Traffic Cone Factory is an original creation of mine. One day I opened up a Blender project and was like, "I want to make a factory," and then I decided that it would be a traffic cone factory. As the cones come out of the orange building, the robot arm puts the white bands on. After that, they get stacked into piles and ready for consumers to buy.

Why did I build it?
It is my favorite Blender project that I have made so far, so I wanted to see how it would do as a Lego set.

Why do I believe it would make a good Lego set?
Because it is a fun, cute, and quirky build, and a little humorous. So, I bet it would light a a room a bit. Plus, who doesn't like traffic cones?

The traffic cones can all be moved, the robot arms are highly posable, the cars can be removed from their 1x1 plates, and the road section can be separated for view of just the factory itself.

This set includes 275 pieces.

Thanks for reading, please support and tell your friends!

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