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The Legend Of Zelda


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The legend of Zelda, the begining of a legend...

Build your favorite game!
Recreate your favorite moments of the game!  Met the old man and get the sword, explore the dungeons, fight the evil king Ganon and rescue the pricess Zelda.

Create your own dungeon!
You can buil your own dungeon placing the blocks by your way and makingg totally new rooms.
You can also connect other parts to make the dungeon bigger

The set includes:
-Link minifigure-Zelda minifigure-Old man minifigure-Ganon- 2 Stalfos- 2 bases to place the blocks-60 blocks- 2 bonfires- A gray sword- A shield- A bow - 4 stalfos swords- A key- Triforce of wisdom and power.

The set contains aproximately 1400 pieces

Note: The characters are inpired on the oficial artworks, not in the actual game.

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