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Tower Ruin Diorama - A Dice Tower


About this set:
The set consists of a ruin, in which a campfire now crackels, a tower and a marble statue of a winged knight, who still holds the red flag of a forgotten time.
The tower is not only beautiful to look at, but can also be used as a dice tower. Throw your dice into the top and the result will land on the bridge. The baby dragon will protect your dice from getting lost on the way! ;)
It's the perfect set for those who enjoy all kinds of board games and the fantasy genre. It's a great set to decorate your shelves or for your game nights!
We have already used it several times for all kinds of games and have thrown in all dice from d4s to d20s!

Many adventurers have sought refuge in the ruins, leaving behind treasures and weapons. 
You can see the brave adventurers who have come a long way and want to rest their aching bones by the fire. Listen to the bard's songs and cook a well-earned soup.
See how:
Thomaz, the wise wizard, finds the sword he always needed.
Lini, the halfling girl, and Fudgie, the piglet, find wild carrots and horseradish.
Devante, the traveling bard, finds a great treasure behind the tower.
Materus, the former soldier, finally getting a good drink of water by the fire.

1295 pieces
4 minifigures, a piglet, a frog and a baby dragon
Dimensions: 25,7cm x 25,7cm x 21cm

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