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Rock Raiders - The Beast

Deep within the caverns of Planet U dwell the Rock Raiders, miners from Earth who must collect energy crystals to power their damaged spacecraft and return home. Some of these crystal deposits lie miles underground with no naturally occurring tunnels to access them. Enter a machine our favorite space miners call "The Beast." Designed for carving caves where there are none, only the most experienced drivers and mechanics, like Axle and Sparks, are qualified to operate this gigantic machine.

The Beast comes with two minifigures, driver Axle and mechanic Sparks. The drill features two independently rotating sections that spin as the vehicle is pushed forward. The cab has enough room for five minifigures, with room to spare for tools.

Thank you for looking into this homage to my all time favorite LEGO theme, and hopefully we can give this underrated era of LEGO Space the love it deserves.

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