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LEGO The Lord of Rings Gondoren Outpost


This is a LEGO Gondor outpost. It comes with two Gondor soldiers, one Gondor spearman and one Gondor swordsman,this set also comes with two standard Mordor orcs. Now we move on to the outpost. This outpost is made out of light grey 1x2 profile bricks and this set has a total of 245 bricks, Also it has a working drawbridge in the front of the outpost. This outpost also includes a Gondor flag in the back of the outpost. You also can put your minifigures on the ledge that the battlements stand in front of.


 Now i will tell you about my purpose in submiting this project to become a LEGO set. My purpose is i want Gondor to be involved in LEGO Lord of the Rings sets. Thanks for reading and please support this project.  

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