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Mindusty Ground Units

Mindustry Ground Units

I am happy to present a collection of the three main ground units from Mindustry for all the mecha, space, and mindustry enthusiasts.

The models are the tier five versions of each of the three ground unit upgrade trees in the game Mindustry. Each model averages roughly 1000 pieces and comes with its own 13 part display card. No other accessories are included except for a small player ship. No Minifigures are included as the models are built to scale with each other and are microscaled.

The model was built following the success of a similar smaller non-public project. After I started to work on larger, more accurate, and detailed models where I wasn't restricted by a personal part palette. When finished they made their way into lego ideas.

The models are great for display options due to the large part of them being completely accurate to the source. they fit well into any futuristic or science fiction scene. They are also great options for play, despite lacking built-in mechanisms. With over 30 joints they can be posed perfectly for display or played with and reach a multitude of forms. however, the main purpose of the models is for display without integration.

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