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Galactic Voyager

I have always been a huge fan of the original classic space theme. The Galaxy Explorer, and the Space cruiser defined the theme, and set the bar for what a Lego space set should be. The gray wing surfaces, blue fuselage, transparent yellow cockpit glass, and finally the yellow and black squadron colors. Lego could re-release the classic space sets, and they would sell out effortlessly. Benny's Spaceship from the Lego Movie too is definitely a step in the right direction! The Galaxy Explorer is the inspiration for this model. This creation represents numerous attempts to build a bigger and better Galaxy explorer, and I think I may have finally achieved my goal. I kept "play ability" in mind when I built this set. Built like a Russian Tank may be an understatement, it is durable and very few pieces are prone to fall off. The Lunar rover fits in the cargo hold, and I have built a mini space station that will fit in the cargo hold too. The front of the ship detaches and becomes a space cruiser. I am still working on some of the finer details such as minifig tools, and computers. Please let me know your thoughts and provide me with any feedback to make this creation better. I know it is a retired theme, but thought I would still post any ways.

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