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Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

This is model is based on Obi Wan Kenobi's jedi starfighter from Star Wars episode II Attack Of The Clones. It has an opening cockpit, hinged landing gear and adjustable wings. I made it because lego has made lots of clone wars versions of this kind of fighter but only original star wars one was released in 2002 with a yellow faced obi wan. I think lego could do a great job with this set and it would sell well. This also includes the dome from R5-D4 which lego have now made a minifigure of. It does need stickers on the bit around the cockpit and the republic emblem. I have tried to add a droid socket so the whole of R5-D4 would be included but it makes the model weak and it doesn't really look that good. There are some parts which don't come in the dark red colour which I customised in lego digital designer extended. I hoped for it to be added to lego's star wars collection.

Foldable landing gear.

Updated Obi Wan from episode 2 and opening cockpit.

Some other photos

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