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Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project

First and foremost, huge congratulations to haru for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Star Wars Dark Bucket project!

LEGO Star Wars is very popular, and we're well aware that many people want to amass large armies of Star Wars minifigures. Our team has done our due diligence, and due to our license we will not release a collection consisting almost entirely of minifigures. Since the 10,000 supporters came for this specific concept, we will not alter the project in the review. Therefore we will not consider the Star Wars Dark Bucket further for production. We're sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

The challenge with allowing IP-related projects on LEGO CUUSOO is that there is the potential of a license conflict, either with an existing license or with a competitive licensor. Still, it's our view that it is better to be open and allow for possibilities, knowing there will be "no" answers along the way, than shut out the potential of IP-based products altogether.

Since we already knew the answer in this case, we decided to share the news now rather than wait until the Fall LEGO Review under which this project would qualify. Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don't always work. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like the Star Wars Dark Bucket and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick.

Congratulatory message from LEGO for +5000 votes

Dear haru,
Congratulations on passing this milestone of 5,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO for the Star Wars Dark Bucket. You're halfway there!
This is a (very) fun concept, but since we have the construction toy license and not the action figure license for Star Wars, it will not be possible to release a set consisting solely of minifigures. If the Dark Bucket concept were to go further, it would need to include some significant brick-based model component to be considered a construction toy for licensing purposes.
Also, since a collection of 100 minifgures would be quite expensive and limit the set's market potential, we think it's best to focus on smaller collections of figs.
Best wishes as you continue on your journey to achieving 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.

Congratulatory message from LEGO for +500 votes

Congratulations on all of the support! This is awesome, we love this idea! It's obvious that dedicated Star Wars fans would buy this. A bucket of 100 minifigs would cost around $3-400, but we don't think LEGO Star Wars fans would have a problem paying that. ;-)

Keep going for the supporters. Since Star Wars is licensed to us by Lucas, they will have to be on board with such a product, and we'll take that up with them if this reaches 10,000.

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