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Musnov's House.


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Musunov’s House (couple(pianist and novelist) house).
This house, full of trees and flowers, is a couple's home. I made a house like a concert hall for my wife, who is a pianist. It's the second floor from the outside, but the inside is the third floor. The interior is characterized by the use of many wooden pillars to preserve its circular beauty.
When you enter the entrance, there is a chest of drawers, and if you go a little further, there is a long chair and a bookcase. Inside, there is a drawing room with a large carpet, sofa, table, and fireplace, and a kitchen right next to it.
If you go up the stairs, there is a couple's bed and a husband's desk. If you go up to the third floor, there is your wife's piano and desk. When she plays the piano, a wonderful sound rings and sounds more beautiful.
There are various flowers and trees in the yard, so you can enjoy the joy of nature. Two puppies are wagging their tails excitedly.
In this work, I want to talk about the happiness of the family and the peace that nature gives. Also, I want to make it with my children so that I can feel the importance of my family. I made this work in the hope that everyone will live a happy life.

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