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Star Wars: Episode 2 - Senator Amidala's N-1 Starfighter


At the beginning of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, we see three vehicles flying towards Coruscant: A J-Type Naboo Cruiser, and two N-1 starfighters. At first, we think that the senator is on board the cruiser. But really, Senator Amidala is flying her own N-1 starfighter. So, I decided to post a set where she is doing exactly that, to go with my other set, UCS Star Wars Saga J-Type Naboo Cruiser, at

For those who haven't seen the movie, allow me to explain what's going on. The senators of the Republic have all been called upon for a matter of emergency. More and more planet civilizations are joining the rebellion known as the Separatists, and they must vote on what to do. However, many voting against the creation of an army and against war have been threatened, and many were attacked by assassination attempts, including Amidala. To protect her, they placed a decoy on the cruiser, and had Amidala act as an escort.

When they reached Coruscant, a bomb blew up the cruiser just as the decoy and her bodyguards walked out, killing them all. Padme was just able to make it before her decoy, Corde, died in her arms.

I hope you like this set, and support. Please, go check out my J-Type Cruiser, and all my other Star Wars sets, including Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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