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(RPG) Time War: Animals


Skip the following paragraph if you want to know specifically about the "Animals" version of the game Time War.

You may be ashamed of me, but I have never really been fond of playing role playing games. I love realisticity and details, and I felt that they were neither. So I designed one that I think might be more fun and more realistic (you may or may not disagree with me there). My main issue with role playing games was their use of dice, which are supposed to compensate for "random chance". So I designed a game that needs no dice. In fact, I've considered calling my game "No Dice". Instead, the rules of the game compensate for everything mathematically and geometrically. And I wish I could say that the rules are simple. The result is a board game that it is extremely complicated and detailed; you have to do a lot of math, and there are many, many levels of complexity and detail you could play with. The board is made of hundreds of 4x4 squares with each object usually occupying a square. There are generally 4 to 6 characters, each with their own special strengths and abilities. They can collect and make items, gain and strengthen personal abilitiescommand and arrange armies, and much more. I have not worked out all the rules yet, but the existing and planned ones allow this game to be played in any theme (medieval, sci-fi, modern, fantasy, etc.). So far, I have planned at least 10 different versions of this game, each of which is based on a real or imaginary time period. I hope to eventually publish this game, whether it be through Legos or some other material. Please consider this game and support it if you are inclined to do so.

Time War: Animals

Imagine you and your friends are passing through the woods, trying to get home by a shortcut. You stumble upon what appears to be the wreck of some kind of vehicle. Curious, you explore its shape, and find a door on the side. Together, you go inside and find a tangle of strange mechanisms. Then a red-eyed bat swoops in behind you and the door slams, shutting you and your friends in. All you can see is darkness and the bat's glowing eyes. You and your friends force the door open, but you do not come out to the woods you were in before. Facing you now is a brighter, perhaps simpler land: one of high mountains and volcanoes, flat grassy plains, murky swamps, vast deserts, clear lakes, and wide oceans. Lying on the ground in front of you are large bundles wrapped with different types of animal skin. The strange contraption that brought you here disappears in a puff of smoke. Without any better ideas, you and your friends decide to unwrap the packages; inside, you each find different weapons, armor, and victuals. These seem to fit well on each of you, even though the armor has the bodily characteristics of various animals. The daylight seems to be waning, so you seek for shelter over a nearby hill. Instead, you find yourselves overlooking an exotic village filled with animals. Immediately, four of them start running towards you, and your friends do not know whether to run or still ask shelter of them. A frog reaches you first, but it surprises you all by bowing and croaking, "Welcome, wanderers". It is followed by a great eagle, a bull, and at last a tortoise, who all greet you in a similar manner. "We are in great need of your aid", croaks the frog, "and we are ready for you to lead us". Confused, but eager to learn more, one of you (who happens to have frog-looking armor) replies vaguely, but the frog, obviously delighted, begins to lead you down the hill while telling you, "We have waited long for you. Our soldiers have been doing very badly against the recent Swarm attacks, and we grow weaker every day. Our armies and supplies are now yours to manage and command. Surely now we will be lead to victory and peace!". You and your friends are overwhelmed with awe and doubt, but your adventure is only beginning...

About this version

This project is just a small taste of my game to see if anyone will support it, therefore I have not worked out all the rules or items or landscapes yet.

There currently are 4 groups of the animal kingdom in this game: reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians. I will soon add 2 more: fish and insects, which may be the enemy of the four other groups' alliance (though I have considered making dinosaurs the enemy; if you have an opinion one way or another, please let me know). The picture showing an animal battle is set in the time before the groups formed an alliance against the enemy.

The pictures showing large armies are simply representing what you could create if you got multiple sets; the set I am proposing comes with only two animals of each kingdom (and perhaps some enemies, if anyone supports this and I think it would be worth it to make them).

Each character leads one army.

I might make updates of the enemy animals, items/landscaping, and a full set of rules if this gets enough support.

Yes, these animals might be biomechancial, but I have not decided yet.

By the way, the tortoises form a Roman battle formation with their shields called a testudo, and if anyone gets that pun you can let me know in the comments. 

Let me know which animal is your favorite, and if you have any suggestions for improvements.

I won't blame anybody for not seeing how the frogs work; if you had seen my other attempted builds, you'd be glad they even remotely resemble frogs.

Any support or feedback is greatly appreciated.

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