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Toyota Corolla AE86 (Initial D Version)


Ready the Eurobeat, and grab your next tofu delivery…Its time to go drifting in the mountains in japan! The AE86 is an undisputed cult classic, they say never meet your heroes butr this is one hero you must meet and experience for yourself. While in production and long it’s the cars lifespan, the AE86 was a popular choice for showroom stock, Group A, and Group N racing, especially in Rally and circuit races. After production ended, many private teams continued to race the AE86, and it remains a popular choice for rallying and club races today.

Of course the real fame of the AE86 came from japan and from the world of drifting, The AE86 (Eight-Six, or Hachi-Roku) models are the most prominent type of car in the Initial D series, the most iconic of which is the Toyota Sprinter Trueno driven by Takumi and his father, Bunta.

This build, while it does not come with real tofu, it does come with real detail all around. Around 1:14 scale in size, with full opening doors and boot reveal the highly detailed interior with seats, roll cage and tofu storage location. The bonnet lifts to show the highly modified engine in all its glory with extra details like red coil leads and silver ITB’s. But most importantly and crutially of all...pop up headlamps!!!

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