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Ro-Ro Ferry


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Hi Everyone,  

This is my take on the roll-on, roll-off landing craft style ferries that served the west coast of Scotland where I grew up. It is not an exact take on one specific ship, more a mixture of inspirations from a number of different ones.

The model has been designed to work with the standard minifigures and smaller vehicles and includes 5 minifigures, a dog, a bicycle and a car. (The car is a lightly updated version of the first ever Lego car I owned in the 1980's)

Both ramps can be raised and lowered and are double hinged to allow operation like the real ship. Down each side are small passenger lounges with seating, tile-flooring, fire extinguishers and TV's on the wall.  Access is by doors at each end. 

The small wheelhouse can be accessed from either side and has controls for the ferry to be operated in either direction.

I tried to incorporate some realistic details to the ferry. Having sailed in the merchant navy for 10 years I wanted to include some features such as the life-rings, cleats and accurate navigation lights.

Its not a small model by any means, but I would love to see it become reality one way or another.


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