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Joker's Toxic Dunk Tank


About This Project:

This is my take on the Joker's toxic dunk tank. This project has the function of having the platform fall out from under Batman and drop him in the tank. All you have to do is pull the support out from underneath the platform using a push/pull stick to be able to reset the platform easily. There is a giant tank of Joker toxin supplying the tank. The set comes with Joker, Batman, and a mini clownbot.

Play Features:

  • The platform can fall down to drop the Batman and be reset to starting postion because it has a push/pull capable support.


  • Two minifigures: Joker and Batman.
  • One mini clownbot.
  • Assorted minifigure accessories.(batarang, two six shooters, and Joker's joke gun.) 

This project is something fun i created out of the parts i had left over after creating the Joker's Robot Rampage set. I think it's cool and really fun. So please support and share if you like it too.

Thank you for your support.


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