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Santa Fe Rail Diesel Car Set


The Santa Fe Railroad was the largest railroad in North America. They were famous for their large freight operations and luxurious passenger trains. The Rail Diesel Car (commonly known as the RDC) is a self- propelled passenger car. They were known for being cheap to operate and their economics. The Santa Fe Railroad operated two Rail Diesel Cars. 

The set has 1700 parts and two Rail Diesel Cars. The first car is all passenger seats. It seats a total of 13 minifigures and one driver. The second car is half passenger and half baggage. It seats a total of 8 passengers, has two baggage racks for people to put their baggage, and has a space for a driver. Both of these rail diesel cars have roofs that can be easily removed to put minifigures inside.

I think that this train would make a good set because it is not a conventional and is not commonly found in LEGO trains.  This train is great because it can be used for both play and for display.

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