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Community (TV Show): The Study Room!


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Description/ Why I built the set?

After re-watching the series way too many times and designing this 1400+ piece, 1:1 replica of the most Iconic part of the show, I introduce to you: The Community Study Room, inspired by not only the Beloved TV Show 'Community', but also by many other Community sets that have been battling out to reach 10,000 supporters, like BullDoozer and VARJR17. This Project is filled to the brim with over 40+ episodes worth of References as well as, all the iconic characters from the troubled campus of Greendale.
With your help I'm hoping to make my favourite TV show into a Lego Ideas set that not only me, but other obsessed fans can enjoy!

But Why this would make a Great Lego Ideas Set?

Not only would this Lego set be perfect for other Fans of the show to Build and most importantly Display, but it would fit perfectly into the other projects Lego Ideas has turned into sets especially with the sub-theme for Sit-com related sets, which has already proved popular with 3 sets already being released. So why not add Community to that list?

And with that I'll pop an awesome exit pill!
Zip, Zap ZOOEY!

Thanks for Supporting!

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