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Power Plant Using Wind Energy

This is a model of a Power plant that works on clean energy generated by wind.
There is an option to power the motors as well. I have used the motors that came with the Lego Mindstorm EV3 core set along with the EV3  intelligent brick  to control the speed of the turbine blade using.
There are three wind turbines and the frame that supports them allows easy climbed by Lego minifigures for inspection and maintenance.
The main entrance gate leads to two flight of stairs.
On leads to a control room with seating capacity for two operators. They have their computers to monitor the health of turbine along with other critical parameters The desks have good storage space to keep files and other records. There is also a small fridge for the minifigure operators to keep their snacks fresh and drinks cold. The room has nice big windows to allow for natural lightings and a balcony for inspection.

The second flight of stairs leads to the transformer area which is again very detailed with meters, fuses and control panels. This area has an inspection area as well along with a small restroom.
It’s not very easy to get individual custom Lego parts, where I live.
We Indians use a term called " jugaad" which means a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way. For this model, I have used a lot of jugaad by sourcing parts from different sets collected over last 10 years. For turbine blades, I have used the brick separators.
I am an AFOL, but at the same time also actively involved in nature conservation activities. I am building a model of a clean and green city where people live in harmony with nature, using Lego bricks and this model is one of the two power plants that I want to build for the city. The second one will be based on solar power.
This model represents a solution to the huge climate challenge that the world is facing. If we need to protect our future generations from the perils of climate change, the world needs to transition to clean energy fast.
Brands have a key role in shaping the thinking of their believers. Lego is one of the best-known brands in the market and the theme of the sets they produce in the future can play a big role in shaping the thinking of children as well as inspiring adult fans to become responsible citizens.
I hope we can once again turn the world into a clean, green and safe place for everyone to live in harmony with nature.

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