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Benny and Mr. Robot Brickheadz


Spaceman Benny and his sidekick Mr. Robot are ready to join the Brickheadz party. Being such a fan of Benny, I thought it absolutely deserved a Brickheadz version. 

Since I imagined Benny as a spaceman in a forgotten outpost, I wanted to make sure that Mr. Robot looked a little out-of-date. With its antennae and the wind-up on its back, it looks as if nothing on it has changed since it took off with his master years and years ago. After years of living together, they became close friends.

With Mr. Robot I definitely bent the form factor rules and I built it wider and taller than the regular Brickheadz. But I thought it was the right thing to do. 

It features: the iconic crack in Benny's helmet, airtanks and Mr. Robot's wind-up key and antennae.

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