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Mini Modular Coffee Shop (Starbucks)

Started- 5/11
10 Supporters- 5/29

Hi everyone!
Thanks for looking at one of my Mini Modulars (Look at my other ideas for more mini modulars that I have created).
Presented here is a Mini Modular Starbucks or Coffee Shop made from 256 LEGO elements. This model fits perfectly into the other mini modulars which are already sold by LEGO.
I have yet to produce stickers, but a logo would go on the white circular piece near the top, "Starbucks" along the bottom green banner, and then "Starbucks Coffee" along the top on the white. If not Starbucks, then some other name and logo.
Thanks all for looking, and your feedback and support is greatly appreciated!

The Final Picture shows all of my mini modulars that I personally have created on LDD together in one strip. You can vote for each of them separately in my other ideas! Thanks all!

Side angle.

Top angle.

Side angle.

All my custom Mini Modulars that I have created so far. Support them by checking out my other ideas!

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