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Carnival "Dunk" Tank

I've always enjoyed the fairground sets produced by lego and i remember my hometown carnival had a "dunk tank" You received three balls to throw at the target. If you hit the target, the guy gets "dunked" into the watertank. I always liked this attraction and decided to build this fun version that i am presenting here. This set is just over 200 pieces. I have used a couple of minifigs for demonstration only. The "dunkee" sits on the bench and you shoot at the target. When it hits, it releases the bench and the minifig falls into the water. I have hit the working target from up to 36 inches away! It comes with green and red tiles to indicate if the seat is ready or not. A back door allows access to the minifig that fell into the tank. A shoot stand was built to support the shooter element.
It was fun to build and i try "dunking" the guy on a daily basis, just because its fun!.. ( No minifigs were harmed in this model and only used for demonstration)

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