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Monaco Harbour Race Track

I wanted to build City architecture in the style of the not approved set "Historically accurate Rome" by daevead. Maybe Rome wasn't the best Idea possible, but it did get 10,000 votes. Just a city seemed a bit useless to me, so I decided on a model of Monaco in Micro-scale with the racetrack set out. It is a very beautiful city, because it is built near the sea. 

I got the inspiration after visiting the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. The have a very nice version of Venice as well, just like my set on LEGO Ideas. I think you should always look for inspiration with other builders, no matter what material they decide to use. Monaco with racetrack will apply to lovers of the city, as well as lovers of architecture.

The execution of this Ideas set is not the best. But I do believe it is about the idea, not the execution. I love designing things in Micro-Scale using only a few parts, the small sail boats are built using only 3 pieces. Feel free to comment on this Idea. Maybe you can submit other famous cities that would make a great small scale model.

Have fun!

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