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Island of the Dead

This model is a recreation of Isla de Muerta, also known as the Island of the Dead.

With 1551 LEGO pieces, this set is designed for experienced builders who appreciate intricate details and accurate recreations.

The centerpiece of the set is the cave where Captain Barbossa and his crew found the stone chest filled with 882 pieces of Aztec Gold (this model, of course, includes a reduced amount). The set includes a new print for the 1x1 round tile depicting the Aztec coin. The cave is crafted with jagged rock formations, hidden pathways, and holes in the ceiling where moonlight can pass through. The interior of the cave is packed with treasure, including the famous Aztec Gold, weapons like muskets and swords, and even a compass that Jack Sparrow used to navigate the treacherous waters of the Caribbean. The set also includes a small rowboat that can be used to transport the minifigures to and from the island.

The set includes 8 minifigures: Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Hector Barbossa, Captain Jack Sparrow, Pintel, Ragetti and also dead versions of both Barbossa and Sparrow (in the same order as seen on picture number 2).

I've been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean since I first saw the movies and Isla de Muerta is one of the most iconic places from the first movie. That's why I wanted to build it.

With its attention to detail and accurate recreation of one of the most memorable scenes from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the Island of the Dead LEGO set would be perfect for fans of the franchise and collectors alike. Whether one would be building it to display on a shelf or to recreate the scene in their own living room, this set is sure to impress with its faithful representation of the film.

If you were waiting for the opportune moment to support the project... that was it.

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