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   Hello, and welcome to my idea for a Lego set.

   Now this model has very many different components, and I will not have time to describe it all, so I will be brief.  The two vehicles I have submitted before, but I have decided to put it all in a set.

The first floor is the food preparation area, with a water filter and an oven, for cooking the garden vegetables. The second floor is the living quarters with bunk beds, a desk, a cactus garden, and a terrarium for Fibby, the alien that the biologist found. the top floor has a star dome for the meteorologist to view the skies at night.

The figures are the meteorologist, the engineer, the biologist, the cosmonaut botanist, the cat, sammy, DOUG and CHIRPIN the drones, and Jay, the maintenence robot.

Thank you for reading this, and if you like my projects, please support!

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