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Medieval Castle (Lonely Fortress 3)


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Even today, in a remote place, the lonely castle stands strong and protects the country against the wind.
The castle lord and the soldiers guarding this small castle keep vigilance day and night.
The castle is largely composed of a wall and an internal building.
There are two small fortifications on the wall to protect the soldiers from enemies.
There are two towers next to the wall.
Inside, the main building consists of a three-story and two-story tower.
It made the building detachable like a modular one.
The first floor serves as a place for soldiers to eat and rest, as well as an armory and storage room.
The second floor is mainly for archers and has a bow and a bed.
The small space that climbs the tower is where the castle lord stays, with a simple desk and bed.
This small castle is more like a fortress.
Total blocks: 2929

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