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Wonka Bar


Do you like wonka or wonka bars? Here it is! The ultimate Lego version of a Wonka Bar! The Wonka Bar is a famous icon from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It was also a book written by a famous author: Roald Dahl. This Lego set is a fun and that many people will enjoy building it. This set includes 2,684 pieces.

What gave me the idea of this set was my sister. My sister loves Chocolate and loves the idea of a Lego Wonka Bar. I then used LDD to design an awesome version of the Wonka Bar!

I think this idea will be a great set due to people who are into classic stories such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Another reason why I think this would be a great set is because it is a set that comes with challenges and patience. Thanks for your support!


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