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MonsterVerse: Godzilla


Out of Time!

Unfortunately, my idea, MonsterVerse: Godzilla has run out of time, with only 42 supporters, it will expire in the next hour. Thanks to everyone who supported my project, it was a great journey. If you’re wondering what was the last update was about, it was the male M.U.T.O. from Godzilla (2014). I will show some other builds that I have made:

The Male M.U.T.O. (from Godzilla (2014))

Mothra (from Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

King Ghidorah (from Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

Mechagodzilla (from Godzilla vs Kong)

& Rodan (from Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

Thanks again for everyone who supported, and have a good day. Lets a-go!

SMB Studios


1/400th of the Way There: Big Announcement and Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone, we just hit 25 supporters and I wanted to say that I have been building some more Monsters from the MonsterVerse movies, and I will add them to my project in Updates, for every milestone of the journey, from the 1st supporter, all the way to the 10,000th supporter, which will end with the biggest monster of them all!

To get you all excited, I put together a silhouette of the Monster I have for 100 supporters. That’s all for now. Let’s a-go!

Super Mario Bros

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