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Hoth Ion Cannon

Welcome Star Wars fans, as the Empire moves in, the Rebels fire the Ion Cannon, and launch their fleet past the blockade, to make their escape. Here is the Ion Cannon, comes with a handle on the underside, that lets you move the cannon into position for firing. As shown here, this set could come with some mini figures & speeder bike,(similar size to set #7749 and sells for $30 Canadian) or slightly larger by adding a snow speeder,( as in set # 75014), LEGO has made some turrets, but no Ion Cannon.

here there is a hole on top, for the ball to sit in, and a hole in back for the handle, I have used bricks for the side walls, but they can be replaced by a 1x5x6 wall panel to reduce the amount of bricks used.

two same halves of the death star ball, with one half with a handle, the other with cannon

front of base has snow and rocks

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