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Lego Agent HQ Truck


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A lego agent truck with alot of fun playability. Most off the parts of the truck are grey or black. It has a very detaild cockpit with steering wheel, computers and levers. Four beds in the set that all can be turned into the wall. A small kitchen and a table with two chairs were your agents can enjoy a tasty breakfast or dinner. Two big hatches make it able to your agents to enter the truck. At the back you can drag out a `box` to make small bombs drop. And you can also open a hatch to make a cannon come out and fire at the enemy. At the front you can open another hatch to make a motorcycle come out. At the middle of the truck beside the wheels are a small hatch that opens, in there is a storage for the weapons that the agents will be usin. Some small jetpacks and jetflyers helps the agents catch up with the enemies in the air.

This set has 1732 pieces and is a huge truck. Building and playing with this set will be a joy for buyers. It took a while to build this set and I had to overcome many obstacles so I would be very happy if you could give this a support. Thank you!

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