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Kinetic Santa Claus Sculpture

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Thank you for your interest in my LEGO creation! For your consideration, a kinetic sculpture of Santa Claus on the rooftop of a three-story Greystone home. Santa has articulated arms and is balanced on the roof through a connection to a decorated Technic ring. The sculpture is balanced to allow Santa to gently sway, back and forth, for about a minute after being set in motion.
The three-story Greystone is fully decorated for the holiday, with rooftop string lights, wall and door hangings, and a snowman in the snow-covered front yard. Along the front walk are a gas-lamp streetlight and a mailbox for sending letters to the big man himself. The third story bay window reveals a small interior scene with festive gifts and a decorated tree. The interior can be illuminated by activating a light brick with a hidden trigger on the back of the building. The back of the building features a small porch, and trash can. Santa balances on one leg through 4 small technic brushings below his left foot. He holds a gift in each hand, mirroring those visible in the bay window.
My mother collects Santa Claus memorabilia, and has a large collection of wildly different Santa figurines, ornaments, and decor. In her collection is a metal sculpture of Santa similar to this in design. This is where I found my inspiration. When visiting for Christmas 2019, I suggested to my nephew that it would make a neat LEGO set. A set that would be a challenge to build due to the need to balance Santa and build the structure tall enough (and strong enough) for the balance ring to pass through. I began work on the design in 2020, and the result is what you see here. It really was a challenge to balance the build to achieve smooth, easy action. Santa gently sways with the power of gravity to the left and right, while balancing the gifts in his hands, after being set in motion. He continues in motion for about one minute. I have noticed that even a gentle breeze will set the sculpture in motion.
I believe that this design, if voted by you, and selected for becoming an official LEGO set, would become a centerpiece of your festive holiday decor. Personally, I look forward to displaying mine alongside my (and my son's) advent calendar sets this holiday season. Thank you again for looking at my design, and if you like it, please consider voting for it to become an official LEGO Ideas set! Build on everyone, and play well.
Specifications: Approximately 1374 Pieces. As assembled here, the set is 18 inches (45.75 cm) tall, and the base is 5 in (12.7 cm) wide by 8.5 in (21.8 cm) deep. The balance ring is 11.5 in (29.2 cm) wide. Santa alone is 7 in (17.8 cm) tall. The house is 11 in (28 cm) tall to the top of the roof (12.5 in or 31.75 cm to the top of the chimney). Three of the images in the set show the range of motion of the sculpture. The second story window in the back can be depressed to activate the light brick, which shines through the third story and shines out the window.

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