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Hello LEGO fans from planet Earth!
I am pleased to introduce you to the LEGO project out of this world: UFO!

Why did I decide to make UFO and why does it look like this?
Because I love science - fiction, space and aliens. And this design is based on the image of UFO common in mass culture. Especially, when I was little child and I was watching many cartoons, UFO was a ship made of two segments: saucer and dome like those in my project.

About my project:
In my design you can only see one and big UFO made of two main parts: a dome and a saucer.
The dome:
It is made from around 800 LEGO bricks (97 of them are flat silver) I used these chrome silver parts to achieve amazing mirror reflection effect. The dome is created of 8 segments: 5 of them are pernamently attached to the saucer and you can unhook rest to see what's inside. Inside, there is a place where aliens control their ship. There is a fotel for 1 captain and 2 fotels for the rest of the crew.
Four boxes are hidden in the floor. In them, we can find: some aliens' animals from other planets; plasma engine; a lot of plants and mixtures and pipes that deliver oxygen to the cabin.
The saucer:
It is a big frame created of LEGO technic elements covered by plates and tales arranged in many diffrent patterns. It is in light green and purple colours, because they are associated to aliens. And of course in the bottom center, we can see 4 engines.

There are 2 normal alien minifigures and 1 captain alien.

project parameters:
length:43 cm (16.9 in)
height: 22.5 cm ( 8.9 in)
width: 43 cm ( 16.9 in)
Number of pieces: 2695 ( 201 of them are flat silver)

I hope that you will like my project and it will take you on the amazing space adventure.
Bye ;)

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