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The Lake Ferry


The Lake Ferry

Several lakes in the UK Lake District operate either a ferry or passenger steamer services, or for example on Windermere both a ferry and more than one steamer. This model aims to capture the spirit of those services and many happy visits.

At this lakeside pier you can board either a ferry or a steamer and at the moment both are in the boarding process. On land there is a Cafe and Ticket Office together with a Bus Stop and a road where a bus can drop-off or pick up passengers. The Ferry ramp has two places of adjustment to be able to accept ferries at different heights.

Key Features:

Lake Steamer – the steamer is modelled around a traditional style lake steamer and has a removable roof to aid play.

Lake Ferry – the ferry is approximately the same size as the official lego set 60119 (so this one could also be used in this model) but is simplified as a lake ferry rather than a sea going vessel. The ferry can be steered from both ends and both have a drop down boarding ramp.

Pier – A wooden pier which has steps or a wheelchair ramp down from the landside height to match with the height of the steamer. The Pier also has benches and lighting.

Café & Ticket Office – designed in Lake District style with a complex roof shape. The interior is detailed and the roof is modular.

Cars – The Ferry has capacity for the three small cars that are included in the model. The cars are also of a size that would fit on the official ferry model 60119.

Ease of Play – The Lake Steamer, Ferry, Cars and Pier are all separate to aid play.

Dimensions - 2146 Bricks and an area of 64spots by 104spots.  The brick count includes 30minifigs, 3 cycles and 1 Dog

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