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Classic Lego Space Logo


Here is the Classic Lego Space Logo model that I built.  Of course it doesn't look exactly like the real space logo, but it was the best I could do with the time and pieces that I had.  It includes the planet with the spaceship flying around it, and it is connected to a nice black stand. 

The reason I built this model is because I thought it would be a really fun and cool thing to build.  The classic Lego space logo has been around for over forty years now, and it has become very popular! 

This model would make a great Lego set because the classic Lego space logo - and the classic space theme - have always been a big part of Lego.  This model, since it isn't very big, would make a nice and affordable Lego set, as well as a great display piece.  This model would be great for any fan of Lego and of the classic space theme. 

Thanks for checking out my model, and please support it.  Make sure to check out my other models too!


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