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Chocolate Fountain Hall

Chocolate fountain hall

From the street
With a building that looks like chocolate
The statue of the Chocolate Fountain is a landmark.
This statue is the one he put on his head
because he liked the chocolate fountain too much.
But good boys shouldn't imitate and wear chocolate.
Stick marshmallows and fruits into a stick
It's a chocolate fountain that you put in a chocolate fountain and eat it with it.

Chocolates are also sold in wagons in front of the hall.
Very delicious chocolate is also very popular as a souvenir.

Now, let's go inside the hall.
The height of the chocolate fountain in the cafe is
It's big enough to reach the second floor.
Please pay the entrance fee to the stuff at the entrance and
eat as much as you like in a buffet style. We have a variety of sweets and
fruits stuck in sticks. Of course there is also a drink bar.
You see, the couple is having fun putting marshmallows in the chocolate fountain.

On the second floor, you can also see the pastry chef making chocolate.
There are also open table seats so please enjoy yourself.
Let's eat a lot today without worrying about calories.
Let's start the diet from tomorrow.

The building is openable, and when opened 180 degrees,
it looks like two warehouses are lined up.
Of course, when opened 90 degrees, it looks like a mansion.
The inside of the building can be stored compactly
because it fits inside the building when it is closed.
I tried to enjoy various angles as if I were a player or a decorator.

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