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Giant Panda


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"Big Black and White Bears of China, you can recreate them in Brick Form."

Giant Pandas are well known Animals that were native in China. Well known as the Panda Bear or simply Panda, they are well known endangered of their habitat being destroyed. But they are now Vulnerable. There are only 1600 Pandas in the World right now. They are well known of their Bamboo diet and being the National Symbol of China, I might think we can build them in a Brick version of them from Lego Ideas.

You can build your own Brick designed Giant Panda and the Bamboo to make it like there is a Panda Bear in your room.

My own LEGO Ideas Giant Panda has movable Legs and Head, it also comes with the attachable Bamboo Stick too.

The Giant Panda has 317 pieces, and the Bamboo Stick has 17 pieces. With a total of 334 Pieces in this set.

I made and render it from Brick-Link

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