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Town Historical Museum


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Welcome to the Town Historical Museum!

Here you will find many artifacts recalling the modular buildings of the past, from a radiator like that in the grocer to a popcorn stand that used to sell at the doors of the cinema to the original architect's model of the diner.
Though the building has a long history, it was only recently converted from an insurance agency to a museum by the town historical society. A friendly volunteer from the society would be happy to give you a tour.
The old lady who lives in the upper floors has been widowed for many years. Though she liked sitting by the fireplace with her cat, she had felt lonely ever since her husband died at sea. When the museum opened below, she had the idea to open a bed and breakfast. She named it after the beautiful dogwood tree that had brought her and her husband to the home in the first place. She decorated the guest room with an ocean theme in memory of her husband, including a ship in a bottle and a lighthouse lamp.
The young tourist couple, being history buffs, enjoy staying at the bed and breakfast and visiting the museum - and also driving their antique car!

The model contains 3000 pieces and stands about 12 inches tall.