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1995 Dodge Ram 2500


We've hit 50!

Thanks everyone!  Please keep the support coming!


A Back to the Futureish Update


Being as today is the day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer go to in the second Back to the Future movie, I decided to do a special update to commemorate the great film series:

A grey version to commemorate the DeLorean, and a Dodge version of Marty's truck.  I also have a sneak preview of a BTTF project I'm working on.  (I wanted to get it up by today, but It'll have to be another day.)

Happy Back to the Future day everyone!



Green and Black

My friend noahott98 suggested a green and black version, and here it is:


Black and Gold

My friend MaxOtt20 suggested a black and gold version, so here it is:

Please support if you haven't yet, and feel free to suggest a new colour.


White and Black Version

Here's a white and black version of it:

Feel free to suggest other colours, and keep the support coming!


Original Project

This truck I had originally made for a Twister project, but it wasn't approved due to the amount of swearing in the film. :'(

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