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Burrell's Steam Tractors


I am pleased to introduce another historical company that produced wonderful steam-powered tractors: Charles Burrell & Sons, from Thetford, England, active from 1770 to 1928.

Several restored tractors are preserved in a special museum, so I chose two of them to enrich the "Lego historical vehicles collection":

YA509 "Diamond Queen" (the purple one), manufactured in 1897
E5113 "Stanley Monarch" (the blue one), manufactured in 1902

The two tractors look almost identical, except for the colours and Monarch's accessories - a parasol and a modern tank-trailer for water or fertilizer.

Some of the Burrell tractors are being kept in full efficiency and the engine mechanism I could see in action on some Internet videos is really amazing and could be very challenging for a future Lego creation. On a different scale, obviously.

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