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Triple Decker Six Flippers Pinball


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Triple Decker Six Flippers Pinball 📌🔮

Why is Lego the best toy in the world? Because with Lego bricks, we can build cool new toys every day by ourselves, and we can build it as good or even better than the real thing!

Let me introduce my new toy built with Lego bricks... The Lego pinball Machine with the best flipper mechanism and the most realistic / exciting gameplay ever !

Turntable rotates smoothly using Lego worm gear and Power function motor.

Most realistic flippers action and buttons respond mechanism. It is very powerful and efficient.

Double short "S" wire ramp (one step) shot.

Looping and long "S" wire ramp (two steps) shot.

Blender 3D model file export to Visual pinball video game table creator for simulation purpose.

LDD Lego digital designer file export to Mecabricks 3D model for rendering purpose.

This pinball machine has the most realistic and exciting gameplay that lets you feel like you are playing the real thing and will actually improve your real pinball skills. This is an evolutionary method that will change the way people build Lego pinball machines forever.
My goal is not just to build another good Lego pinball machine, but a complete Lego pinball system that can recreate any real pinball machine. So, I challenged the most difficult "Haunted House" table's reverse play field style. In the thought of if I succeed in making this one, then I can recreate any table. Which took me years of trial and error to make it work.

Imagine that if this design became a real product. With this pinball system revealed and learned by Lego fans. Then everyone can build their own good Lego pinball machines. Not only we will see thousands of excellent Lego pinball machines with many themes, but also tons of famous real pinball machines and pinball video game tables recreated by Lego fans worldwide.

Theme modification examples:
Star Wars: Data East Pinball Machine (Data East 1992)
Ghostbusters Slimer! Pinball skin MOD

The mechanism can adapt to building other toys like GBC / marble run / baseball board-game / two player pinball machine etc. Would that be awesome don’t you think?

There are tons of innovative building techniques in this machine.

( 1 ) Realistic gameplay: The most realistic and exciting gameplay. This is the only Lego pinball machine that lets you actually improve real pinball skills.

Realistic slingshot rubber triple bounces

( 2 ) flippers mechanism:

2.1 Reverse flippers: World first ever reverse direction flipper pair inspired by the infamous Haunted House pinball machine. It was located on the underground floor.

2.2 Realistic flippers: Most realistic flippers action and buttons respond mechanism. It is very powerful and efficient. It can drive all seven flippers easily. They can bat a big and heavy steel ball (almost 2 studs diameter) and push it to a very high speed and climb up a steep vertical rail just by tapping the flipper button. The whole mechanism is very durable and reliable, you can play it all day without any problem. It’s the only Lego pinball flipper mechanism that is so real to the point that it can let you perform all flipper skills and trick shots. For example: Slingshot pass (post pass) / Live catch / Drop Catch / Dead Bounce / Double loop. You can also fine tune the button's tension and adjust the flipper return speed within seconds.

Pinball Flipper Skills - Post Pass (Slingshot Pass):
A player can transfer the ball between flippers by shooting it off of the bottom of the slingshot post. 

2.3 Many flippers: Cause more flippers = more control = more fun, right? This pinball machine comes with 6 flippers!! (max 8 flippers) each with different lengths (2-6 studs in length) and shapes. An “L-shaped flipper” which can be used to rest and shoot the ball horizontally across the table to unlock the multi-ball.

( 3 ) Playing field

3.1 Reverse playing field: World first ever reverse playing field for an exciting death saving zone.

Lower deck reverse playfield ball saving close-up shot

3.2 Wire ramps: Innovative building technique to make ball runs smoother on Lego wire ramps. Equipped with first ever complicated S shaped and crossing wire ramps. This design can be applied to Lego GBC, marble run and rollercoaster.

Double wire ramps shot!

3.3 Many floors: This pinball machine has 3 floors. All 3 floors used big transparent bricks. The upper and lower floors are fully transparent. So you can always see the ball clearly. Plus, you can even put a smartphone or tablet to play videos under the machine for a virtual background.

Powerful pinball plunger (launcher / shooter) and ball-return wire ramp.

3.4 Drop targets: The 8 drop targets look like a laser gate blocking the ramp to the upper floor which will drop down after being hit. You have to hit some of them to be able to climb the ramp.

3.6 Multi-ball system: Brand new multi-ball system that can be auto release and auto re-lock, it releases the 2nd ball only by the “L-shaped flipper”.

3.7 Retractable ball stopper: Let you switch between easy and hard while playing. But you also make it automatic by using NXT or Boost bricks.

Preview ⬇️ (mute)

Full video ⬇️

( 4 ) Motorized and robotic upgrade add-ons: Some pinball features are difficult to recreate using only pure mechanics. For example auto score counter / auto reset drop target / sound and lighting / retractable ball stopper etc. Then we can add Lego NXT or Lego Boost sensors and servo motors, and a smartphone or tablet being used as a score display. Then it will become a fully-interactive Lego pinball machine.

( 5 ) Appearance: As you can see this machine is beautiful, realistic and looks more like a toy than a Lego made thing. That is because of using SNOT (stud not on top) building technique, so you almost can’t see a Lego stud which makes a sleek appearance. The studs direction of all three floors are facing in different directions to make the ball rolls as smooth as possible.

3D Stereoscopic Renders!! (for VR Box/headset, 3D Tv + glasses or Naked Eye)
Please view these 3D stereoscopic images in horizontal full screen using VR box or 3D TV with 3D glasses or simply view on a smartphone using naked eye 3d parallel method.

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