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The Furby is an owl-like creature, with a soft fur, pointy ears a beak and tail has two small legs you can play with you can tickle it, pet it, tilt it, pull its tail, shake is, let it dance to music, feed it with your finger, and talk to it. It has 6 personalities, normal, grumpy, chatterbox, sweet, whacky and sassy.

Furby can interact with the Furby app. feed food, translate Furbish and English spoken by it, and more.

What is it?: It is a model based on a Furby, it is an action figure, you can play with it, this one is orange, but it has grumpy eyes.

Why did you built it?: I built this set because i want to build a Furby set.

Why do you believe it would make a great set? It would be a great set for kids to enjoy and collect.

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