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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


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Most of us have probably watched "Indiana Jones and the last crusade."  This is the very last scene with the three trials which are guarding the Holy Grail.  The first trial, the Breath of God, is two saws that swing up and outward to catch any unsuspecting victims.  The secon trial the, Word Of God, is made up of twelve blocks.  In the moive these blocks have letters in the Hebrew alphabet imprinted on them.  To cross the room you have to step on the right blocks or you will fall to your death.  The third trial, the leap of faith, is a big canyon to wide to jump.  I put a lion figure head like it has in the moive to make it realistic.  To cross the canyon you have to walk on a invisible piece of rock. Indiana leave a trail of dirt so others can follow.  The last thing in this set is the cup room.  Inhabited only by the old knight, it is filled with cups and a big basin of water.  You pick the wrong cup and you turn into dust.  Pick the right one and you live forever.  The bad guy in the moive picks the wrong cup and turns to dust.  You can flip the back wall to show his skeleton.  The second to last picture is of Elsa Shnidler taking the right cup past the mark in the floor and falling into a endless canyon with the cup.  This set includes about 2000 pieces.  The front part of it can separate for more play access.   It has five characters: Indiana Jones, his dad, Elsa Shnidler, the bad guy, and the old knight.  Thank for taking the time to look at my project!  "You have chosen wisely." -the old knight.

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