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Taj Mahal


Hello to all members of the big LEGO family. We are Lukas (lukamull) and Jan (Mr_Caramba), two cousins and AFOLs. We are building under the name Brick Point. We are honored to present to you our latest creation: Famous Taj Mahal in popular 1:650 scale aka micro-scale, which is so far our most successful project. It was created as part of Czech LUG micropolis project and is currently featured on exhibitions in Czech Republic.

Why Taj Mahal? First of all because it is a truly beautiful building, gem of eastern architecture. Even though it is a mausoleum, the building has very positive feel and has its rightful place among New 7 Wonders of the world. Pureness of white marble combined with red clay ways and green gardens makes it joy for the eyes. That may be the reason why Taj Mahal is one of the most known symbols of India.

Another reason for choosing Taj Mahal was the fact, that even though Lego already made official set of this building, this set is on the opposite side of what we have build. Original Lego Taj Mahal remains biggest Lego set ever made and it’s prices today are extremely high. And when Lego launched the Architecture theme, we immediately thought that Taj Mahal would deserve remake in mirco-scale.  Not only so more people can afford it, but also because smaller models are much more easily displayed in smaller rooms and can be incorporated into almost any interior.

And that is also answer to a question, why we think our project could be successful Lego product. To sum things up: Taj Mahal is a legend, not only in architecture but also in Lego world. It is wonderful building, admired by millions of people around the world, including the two of us. Many people would get model in such scale because original Taj Mahal set is a “little too big”. We also decided to upload this project because of thousands positive reactions on social networks from all corners of the world, that our model received in a rather short time.

We hope you will like it! If you do, please support our project!

Thank you!

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