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Andrea’s House (,,Friends'')

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Finally, a house for Andrea. Almost every year since 2012, Lego released a house in the ,,friends‘‘ line. This building includes 4  and two extra rooms (on the roof).

Furniture in each of the rooms:


  • a television
  • a couch 
  • a telephone
  • a side table
  • a staircase


  • a little fridge
  • a microwave 
  • kitchen equipment 
  • a dishwasher
  • a washbasin
  • a stove
  • a table with four seats
  • a oven
  • some storage
  • a staircase 



  • a washbasin
  • a tub
  • a toilette 

Andrea‘s room:

  • a piano 
  • a turnable stage
  • a ghettoblaster
  • a guitarholder
  •   a bed


  • three bunk beds (for Andrea’s sister and her parents 
  • a table with three seats 
  • a microscope with seat (for Andrea’s sister)
  • two ladders


  • a fence
  • a mailbox 
  • a slide
  • flowers

I think this would make a great lego set because of all the details and colours I‘ve used. 

Andrea has to get a house too, that‘s why I‘ve built this.

Please support this project and follow me.




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