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Lego Ninjago: The Dark Destinies Bounty


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 Thanks to the immense power of the golden weapons,  destructive beast, the Devourer itself was destroyed. But a new evil has emerged: The ancient pirates! Build the ship and help the Ninja of Ninjago island fight back!

With around 600 pieces  the LEGO Ninjago Dark bounty includes three minifigures: Captain Soto, Lloyd Garmadon in his kendo attire, and Lord Garmadon. 

Why should you support this set? I worked very hard building this on LEGO Digital Designer, and since the new season of Ninjago has to do with time travel, it is possible for the Dark Bounty to make a reappearance or maybe a small cameo! Anyway, I'd really be so happy if this project actually became a set!

Also special thanks to JediPippin, for rendering my LDD files!

Please check out his amazing projects!

He deserves alot of support!

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you would support, share, and even follow this project!

Thank you, and please have an amazing day! :D 

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