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Ned's General Store

In a world where the pace of change is high, Ned and Betty stick to the old ways. With their general store, they know how to cope with the pressure of the large supermarkets. In the countryside, they serve their loyal clientele and are very happy with what they have and do.

The lovable elderly couple are high school sweethearts and took over the store right after graduation. They don’t have much, but on the other hand everything they need. Ned and Betty take pride in the store and make sure all stays in perfect condition.
This set contains 2950 pieces and includes a two-story building, an outhouse, a tree, a pickup truck and two minifigures (Ned and Betty).

The first floor of the building is the shop and has a storage room in the back.

The second floor is reserved for Ned and Betty. Here are the living room and bedroom.

Please help Ned and Betty and support this project. Be sure to tell your friends to support them as well.

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