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Modular Coffee Shop

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Every Lego city needs to have a place for busy minifigures (or not so busy minifigures) to stop by, grab some coffee, and take some Instagram-worthy shots (Instagrammers not included). With this in mind, I present to you my latest Lego Ideas project: the Modular Coffee Shop! A bit smaller than my usual builds at two stories and only half-modular size, this entire build was an experiment and a learning process for me, and I'm very happy to finally be able to share it.

The first floor is, of course, the coffee shop itself. In the back is where the real magic happens: the preparation area. It's not really a kitchen, since all the food is premade. But the coffee is made fresh in-house. Behind the counter is a blackboard that has all of the menu items listed. Outside the preparation area is a little sitting area where the aforementioned Instagrammers can take their shots. Outside, if you take the steps up to the top, you'll find a reference to my very first project on this site: a music school. I revisited the idea and created a new music school, which I think is far better than the first one I made. Inside are two rooms. One is smaller and one is larger, but not really that different, other than the fact that the larger room has a seat for the instructor as well as the student. The reception area has space for two minifigures to sit and work, and there's also a waiting area for the bored parents to sit.

As I mentioned before, this entire project was a bit of an experiment for me. I experimented with new styles and new techniques that I really haven't attempted in previous projects. In this case, it was the arches over the doorways and windows, which I am very proud of. And the roof is also in a more ornate style than I tend to make. Due to the mostly experimental nature of this project, I decided not to make minifigures for it, and focus more on the architecture.

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